About us

In the world of escape rooms, Evidence Room founder Ben is a 'long time listener, first time caller', but you can be sure that the call will be long and rambling, regularly derailed by a tangent or a metaphor that takes it far away from the long forgotten point of the call, a little bit like this bio...

When he's not tracking down obscure props, he can be found in the pub watching the mighty/feeble (delete according to stage of season) Arsenal.

Wearer of many hats and master of many tongues, for Lucinda escape rooms are all about the storytelling – you’re about to embark on an adventure, and she’ll be right there with you, enjoying every twist and turn.
A published commentary writer and keen calligrapher, Lucinda can mostly be found with a pen in her hand. When she’s not crafting – or at The Evidence Room – she’s cooking. Mostly curry.

When at the Evidence Room, Grace is your absent team member; sat behind the desk watching and listening to groups on CCTV, she is always clenching her teeth and shouting at the screen, desperately wanting to help.
When not at the Evidence Room, or drowning in her A-level work, Grace can be found following the powerhouse rugby champions Saracens, either on the TV or going to their matches.